Let's cut to the chase. I won't keep you guessing about my rates. I follow industry standards for copywriting and copyediting. Prices start from:

£28 an hour for proofreading

£40 an hour for copywriting/copyediting 

£40 an hour for photojournalism/editorial project management

These fantastic organisations set great standards: ProCopywriters and The Society for Editors and Proofreaders. 

A 2019 survey by the ProCopywriters’ Network found an average day rate of £349. My day rate starts from £290 (depending on the service).

A few dos:

  • I do ask for a brief before starting work (I like to get a steer from my clients and get under the skin of what’s needed and why).

  • I often ask for a deposit or part-payment before I begin if you're a new client (I'll make an exception for a referral or if I know where you live ;-).

  • I do charge a cancellation fee if the work is withdrawn after commission (50% of the total fee).

A few don'ts

  • I don't price by the word (often the fewer the words, the more vital the message eg, a brand strapline. Short copy does not equal a cheaper rate).

  • I don't give free writing samples (in the same way as I don’t ask my dentist for a free tooth extraction).

  • I won't give the game away by publicising your project before you have (I’m happy to sign an NDA if you want our work to be clandestine).

Need to outsource your editorial work altogether?

Get in touch and I'll get a wriggle on.

  This is the small print, but not particularly scary. Take a look at my terms and conditions. By engaging my services, you're agreeing that we will treat each other fairly. It's all common sense stuff.