You've got a first draft, but know it’s not up to scratch. Not only will I check the basics such as grammar and spelling, but I’ll ensure concision and assess the concept, meaning and overall structure.

I’m currently copyediting for a number of clients who are stretched for time. They may start off the copy, but I’ll finesse their words to make sure the product hits the spot. 

Many of them are not professional writers and want someone with expertise to give advice. Or they may be in-house copywriters or researchers who need a second opinion or a freelance copyeditor to tidy things up.

Some clients are using English as a second or even third language and need extra support to make sure things are written in plain English. Often, I’ll do what’s known as substantive copyediting - when I also help to plan or check the entire content, structure and format of the document. This includes: rewriting convoluted sentences and polishing copy, tweaking subheads and section titles, and cross-referencing facts, footnotes and appendices. 

This service is the full works!

Jo is a results-oriented editor. She works hard to meet deadlines and has an ability to work in cross-cultural settings.
— Hendrix Dzama, Zambia.
She was quick to interpret what was needed and able to produce accurate copy well within deadline. The work involved creating content for an extensive international brochure sourced from text that was often in broken English and sometimes over technical for the readership.
— Jill Keene, Editor, International Property Media