Everyone makes mistakes. Let me find them for you. I'll give your project a once-over before it’s immortalised in print or online. 

Often a proofreader steps in after a copyeditor or copywriter has finished and before the project gets sent to the designers, or before you hit the live button. 

Proofreading is a lot more than just checking spellings, dates, numbers, facts and tenses. If you've worked on a project for months on end, you can skim over text reading what you believe is there, not what's actually there.  So it's wise to get someone objective to take a look and sense check what you’ve written.

I can use the markup tools in Word, Google Docs or on a PDF. Or, if you’ve already checked the first draft in-house, I can proofread the PDF when the first proofs come in - making sure everything is tickety-boo before you go to print.

You want your business to come across as excellent, so don't compromise on this vital role!

Jo was flexible and adapted to our organisational style and added huge value to the final report. She was well worth the fee she charged and I would highly recommend her.
— Josie Cohen, Senior Land Campaigner, Global Witness
Thank you for doing such a consistently great job at proofreading for us every week. You’ve been helpful, thorough and reliable!
— Amy Church, NGO Copy Team Leader